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Welcome to Final Fantasy Men Awards. This community was founded and is maintained by tiger_moth.

Each week, 2 themes will be given to you. Members will submit icons related to these themes, and icons will be voted on. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2 Special Categories (Special Categories will be announced at voting time) Also a Mod's Choice will be chosen.

Note: Only moderators and Banner Makers have posting access, please do not request posting access - you do not need it and you will not get it.

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1. Each member may submit two icons per theme, unless stated otherwise.
2. All icons must contain a male character from any game in the Final Fantasy series. Advent Children, PS3 Demo, and FF characters from Kingdom Hearts may also be included. For example, you may post a shot of Leon. You may not, however, include an image of Sora. Capiche?
4. You may have a female in your icon, BUT the icon must be mainly focused on the male character. (Mod will decide if the Icon qualifies)
3. Submitted icons must be compatible with Livejournal. [100x100 and 40kb>]
4. Don't advertise your icon, use your icon, tell your friends to vote for your icon, etc. Entries are to remain anonymous until AFTER voting is complete and winners are announced.
5. Do not steal others' icons and claim them as your own. You will be immediately banned and reported.
6. You may not vote for your own icon during the voting period.
7. Do not vote for the same Icon twice to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd. You may however vote for the same icon to win any of the special categories.

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Here's how it works. On Friday, you will be given a theme. You then have exactly 1 week to submit ocons related to the theme. Post your entries (up to two per theme) in a comment to the screened theme post. The submission should contain the following information:

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URL: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a104/babysarica/weapon.jpg
Character/Series: Irvine, Final Fantasy 8
Theme: #1 - Guns
Banner: Yes/No

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Voting will be held from Friday @ 9:00pm - Sunday @ 9:00pm. Winners will be announced shortly after. A new theme will also go up Friday night with the voting (giving you the weekend to work on Icons)

Do Not Vote For Your Own Icon

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Week # 1 - Danger
Week # 2 - Pervert
Week # 3 - Wet
Week # 4 - Theme # 1 - Halloween
Week # 4 - Theme # 2 - The Forgotten Boys
Week # 5 - Theme # 1 - Funny Face
Week # 5 - Theme # 2 - ATC - So Magical Lyrics
Week # 6 - Theme # 1 - Feminine Side
Week # 6 - Theme # 2 - Youth
Week # 7 - Theme # 1 - Lest We Forget
Week # 7 - Theme # 2 - Comedy
Week # 8 - Theme # 1 - NPC
Week # 8 - Theme # 2 - Unhuman

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If you would like to be a Banner Maker please comment on the most recent post.

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